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With broad and deep backgrounds in Higher Education, track records of success, and values that support and make that success real and durable, we serve a diverse group of institutions - independent and public, small and large, local, regional and national, single-mission and complex, developing and firmly established. We invite you to get in touch with us to explore how our group might be able to help you to succeed in tackling your institutions’ planning, communications, cultural issues, initiatives, and challenges.

Our services are always tailored to clients’ needs and may include a single consultant or a team of us. We particularly specialize in the following areas:


Confidential Counsel and Mentoring

  • - For presidents, chancellors, and provosts
  • - For new board chairs and full boards
  • - For other senior officers designated by the president or chancellor
  • Interim Executive Leadership
  • - Planned vacancies in senior positions
  • - Sudden and unplanned vacancies in senior positions
  • Coaching and Training
  • - To prepare leaders for anticipated and changing needs
  • - To develop leaders’ competence, confidence and public presentation
  • - To help interim senior officers
  • - To help prospective leaders step up to the next level of responsibility
  • - To prepare academic leadership and faculty for planning and other project leadership

Institutional Reviews

  • - Analysis of public and proprietary data
  • - 360 reviews of institutions prior to planning and fund development
  • Comprehensive Strategic Planning
  • - Creative strategic thinking
  • - Design/management of strategic planning initiatives
  • - Design and facilitation of campus planning roundtables
  • - Financial planning for comprehensive strategic planning
  • - Faculty curricular and governance facilitation
  • - Constituency Analysis: Internal and External
  • - Constituency Roundtable and Focus Group Facilitation
  • - Strategic Communications Plans and Programs: Evaluation, design and implementation.

Resource analysis

  • - Finding savings and revenues
  • Financial restructuring
  • - Developing strategies and tactics to succeed
  • Fundraising leadership counsel (not comprehensive counsel)
  • - Helping presidents and boards plan and keep on track

Development of strong, adaptable crisis management plans

  • - Review and test existing plans
  • - On-site counsel at a critical time
  • Contact us to set up a conference call with one or more of our team members to discuss your needs: 484-574-2194 or



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