Ann Duffield & Colleagues (ADAC) is a small group of former long-term presidents who both provide a wide range of counsel to current leaders in higher education and develop research and scholarship that supports their work.


ADAC believes that successful leaders leave legacies that benefit not only their own colleges and universities but, by example, the rest of higher education. Our goal is to provide counsel, scholarship, and research that yield real results for our clients and provide potential models for other colleges and universities.


ADAC comprises a small group of women and men who themselves had long and successful tenures as presidents, senior administrators, and academics. Given the fact that too many colleges and universities suffer today from rapid turnover at the top, our group understands that meaningful progress takes time, creativity, patience, and “[dragging] your thoughts away from your troubles…by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.” (Mark Twain)


Because all of ADAC’s colleagues have served multiple institutions in multiple ways, we are able to provide counsel that touches every constituency from prospective students to donors: strategic planning facilitation, enrollment management, fiscal and facilities management, fundraising, communications, and academic, curricular, and extracurricular counsel. We also periodically take on interim roles and serve as co-cabinets with senior management during transitions. Our philosophy is reflected well in: “Let our advance worrying become [your] advance thinking and planning.” (Winston Churchill)


ADAC considers counsel to be a form of teaching and, as such, we continue to publish and conduct scholarship and research that result from both what we learn through our counsel and what we explore through projects that will inform our counsel. We will, therefore, periodically post on this website some of the publications, scholarship, and research that we believe will be useful to our clients and others in higher education.


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